Slab Pie Is For Crust Fans

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Table of Contents Get the recipe:Blackberry and Dried Apricot Slab Pie When I require to obvious my intellect and fill my abdomen, I anxiety-bake. Right after a laborous day there’s almost nothing that heals my soul more than generating dessert into the late hrs of the evening though New Lady […]

When I require to obvious my intellect and fill my abdomen, I anxiety-bake. Right after a laborous day there’s almost nothing that heals my soul more than generating dessert into the late hrs of the evening though New Lady reruns enjoy in the qualifications. But some recipes are superior candidates for a strain-baking session than many others. The strategies used should induce joy and provide a significant return on investment. Kneading milk bread dough? Therapeutic. Folding egg whites into a chiffon cake? Pure catharsis. Pressing chilly butter with my hot hands into flaky pie dough? Yeah, not so significantly. For that motive, pie has just hardly ever been a little something I flip to when I’m attempting to rest. Because let us experience it, pie crusts—arguably the greatest section of any pie—are finicky and specialized, requiring just the appropriate touch and a cautiously-followed recipe. I by no means believed I’d see the day exactly where baking a pie brought me peace and good vibes only—that is, right up until I gave Samantha Seneviratne’s slab pie a possibility.

I can listen to you pondering, “slab pie…?” Just imagine a Pop-Tart as vast as your sheet pan, but designed with decadent, flaky pie crust as a substitute of the crumbly processed things. Uncomplicated and strain-totally free, it is as if this recipe was designed for bakers, like myself, who really feel like they’d been personally victimized by pie dough in the past. On learning that the dough comes alongside one another in a foods processor, I exhaled a resounding sigh of relief and watched as a butter-studded dough came together in just a number of minutes. No fuss pie crust? I was marketed.

The next very best thing about this crust is how unbelievable the filling tastes with it. Sam’s ingenious blackberry and apricot filling has no likelihood of sogging up the pie simply because it is pre-cooked and makes use of dried apricots fairly than clean kinds. They’re the essential to this fruity pie’s supple and, effectively, apricot-y flavor that you just cannot attain with the fresh ones. And now that I’ve been enlightened, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The recipe phone calls for cooking the chopped dried apricots in a tub of dry white wine, a vanilla bean, and its scraped seeds. (Because I don’t drink liquor, I applied grapefruit juice instead.) Bathtub and Body Performs really should bottle the aroma that loaded my residence as vanilla commingled with the fruit. Heaven! As soon as the dried fruit was plump and saucy, blackberries joined and presented their puckery juices to the party. Fortunate for me, the recipe yielded much more than ample fruit filling for me to sneak in as many “just a tiny taste” bites as my coronary heart wished-for.

The assembly was a no-brainer. Crust, filling, crust. And a fork to seal the sides shut. No lattice? No problem. (Just don’t forget to reduce a number of vents on the leading layer of pie dough to protect against Mount Blackberry from erupting.)

When baked and cooled, I well prepared to give the completed pie to my spouse and his group of really hungry close friends. But the moment I snuck myself a bite of heat crust painted with apricot-blackberry sauce, I shamelessly bailed on all my ideas to share. The crust experienced baked to golden brown perfection and was durable adequate to keep the heaps of fruit filling in place—even as I walked all over my apartment with a slice in hand. When I asked Sam how she landed on her impeccable crust to filling ratio, she advised me she believes that “the crust is as massive a participant as the filling.” Retweet, Sam, retweet. Now that I have these pie tricks up my sleeve, I’m very pleased to announce that my “Sweets to Make When Stressed” Google doc now hyperlinks this slab pie recipe right at the top rated.

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Blackberry and Dried Apricot Slab Pie

A craveable, shareable, crowd-satisfying pie for every summer picnic and celebration.

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