Guidebook to Styles of Pie

Kandace Wysock

Table of Contents Double-Crust PieFruit PieHand PiesChiffon PieCream PieCustard PieGaletteCrostataTartLemon Raspberry Chiffon PieChocolate-Caramel Ice Cream PieMeta Given’s Pumpkin PieLemon Cream PieCraig & Kathleen Claiborne’s Mississippi Pecan PieBlueberry Galette with Rosemary CrustRigorous Chocolate Tart Try to remember that display “I Aspiration of Jeannie?” Insert the term “pie” in area of Jeannie […]

Try to remember that display “I Aspiration of Jeannie?” Insert the term “pie” in area of Jeannie and that is my M.O. Fruit pies packed with layers of thinly sliced apples sprinkled with cinnamon and dotted with butter. Product pies crammed with a luscious vanilla pudding and topped with a billowy torched meringue. No cost-type rustic galettes layered with frangipane and sweet pears. There are so lots of diverse styles of pies and pie fillings to fall in like with all over the calendar year.

Specific kinds of pie, like pecan pie and Crucial lime pie, are staples 10 years right after ten years. Nonetheless, other people have viewed a resurgence in level of popularity. Most recently, home bakers could not get adequate of desperation pies (aka depression pies). This style of pie was initially born in the 1930s all through the Wonderful Melancholy the notion was that bakers could use whatever economical components they had on hand to bake a dessert. Recipes for desperation pies termed for eggs, sugar, butter, and flour, but other versions involved a vinegar pie, mock apple pie, and a drinking water pie, all of which use the elements in their title to make creative imitations of fruit flavors. And if you feel you are reinventing the wheel with a new filling or sort of pie crust, consider all over again. “If you imagine there is a pie that has not been created, just appear by way of an old farm cookbook and you are going to possibly locate it,” suggests Emily Elsen, co-founder of Four and 20 Blackbirds, a pie store in Brooklyn, New York.

Double-Crust Pie

There are men and women who can not get enough of a flaky, buttery pie crust (myself included). And for individuals men and women, there is the double-crust pie. This form of pie refers to any variety of sweet or savory pie that has equally top and base crusts. A hen pot pie topped with a solitary sheet of pie dough or a berry pie included with intricate strips of dough to sort a lattice topping are both examples of the normally-common double crust pie.

Fruit Pie

It’s a self-explanatory term for this common dessert that you can make 365 times/yr, but a fruit pie refers to any kind of pie filled with drumroll you should fruit! Apple pies, berry pie, and a peach pie are all illustrations of fruit pie. The attractiveness of this variety of pie is that it can be adapted primarily based on the produce that’s in season. “Pie is this kind of a stunning way to emphasize seasonal fruit,” suggests Elsen. In spring, there’s nothing at all superior than a generous slice of a sweet-tart rhubarb pie. Speedy-ahead to slide and wintertime, and you can prepare fruit fillings with apples, cranberries, or dried figs.

Hand Pies

For a miniature dessert that bakes quicker than a full 9-inch pie, make hand pies. They can be stuffed with anything—apple cinnamon, cherry and orange, or pumpkin—for a everyday, group-friendly address. They are usually designed with a common pie dough, but you can also just as effortlessly use pre-created puff pastry if you want a minimal a lot less do the job in the kitchen with no sacrificing high quality or flavor.

Chiffon Pie

“A chiffon pie is commonly designed with gelatin and involves refrigeration,” clarifies Elsen. She suggests that the Jello-like filling is extremely mild and a preferred style of pie for summertime. Fruit chiffon pies like lemon and strawberry are classics, but so is a pumpkin chiffon pie. Alternatively of a custard foundation produced with egg yolks, the filling for a pumpkin chiffon pie is built with (you guessed it!) pure pumpkin purée, gelatin, and whipped cream.

Cream Pie

Coconut cream pie, chocolate pudding pie, and lemon product pie are all examples of…surprise, surprise…product pies! What distinguishes cream pie from a custard or chiffon pie is that it contains a pudding filling built predominantly with whipped cream and egg yolks. Normally, the filling is not cooked, but instead sets up in the fridge for at least four hrs right up until it has solidified (so that when you slash a slice, the pudding does not flood out into a soupy mess). Normally use pasteurized eggs so that you can safely take in them uncooked.

Custard Pie

Sure, a custard pie is produced with egg yolks and cream, I know, I know. But the change in between a custard pie and a product pie is the proportion of these components. A custard pie will have a firmer filling and will require baking (consider: pumpkin pie or sweet potato pie). The custard filling is combined till tremendous clean just before it is poured into a pre-baked (aka blind-baked) pie crust and finished in the oven.


This is the style of pie when you don’t have a whole lot of power, time, or frankly a kitchen stocked with tons of bakeware. A galette is a absolutely free-sort pie that is produced, not in a pie dish, but on a sheet tray. Just one single layer of pie dough is rolled out into a big circle and typically topped with a fruit filling, like apples or blueberries. There is usually a a person to 2-inch border of pie crust that is then folded over on the filling and the entire pie is baked in the oven till effervescent.

Bonus: due to the fact it is a shallow pie that bakes all in one go, it is a substantially speedier baking course of action than a pie in a dish is.


A crostata is an Italian variation of the French galette that can be sweet and savory, also. We’ve baked sweet crostatas filled with apricot jam or strawberry jam, as well as an umami-prosperous scallion and soy filling.


A tart is a style of a pie…but it is also fully its possess issue. Not like a pie, which is made with a pie crust, tarts are typically designed with a buttery short crust (think: shortbread). The distinction is that a regular pie crust will usually encounter some shrinkage as it bakes, but a small crust will preserve its kind, which is crucial for fragile tarts. Of system, there is the other noticeable variance in which a tart is made in a tart pan and a pie is created in a pie dish.

Lemon Raspberry Chiffon Pie

Food items52’s baking resident Erin Jeanne McDowell’s chiffon pie recipe calls for a lemony filling that gets its physique from gelatin, whipped egg whites, and egg yolks. It is poured into a pre-baked pie crust and then swirls of raspberry purée are interspersed during the lemon filling.

Chocolate-Caramel Ice Cream Pie

An ice product pie is about as easy and magical as it seems. All you require to do is fill a pie crust or graham cracker crust with your most loved taste(s) of ice product (you get additional brownie details if it’s homemade). This recipe from baking resident Erin Jeanne McDowell brings together excellent-excellent chocolate ice product with a made-from-scratch caramel sauce, but really feel free to use vanilla ice cream as an alternative.

Meta Given’s Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is an example of a custard pie, as its principal ingredient is a cream and egg base. Having said that, for the reason that it’s baked, it is able to sit out for hrs at area temperature at the getaway meal table (you know, when everyone is preventing about white vs. darkish meat, who drained the gravy bowl, and politics).

Lemon Cream Pie

As the identify indicates, this citrus-centered dessert is an illustration of a cream pie. This particular filling is designed with egg yolks, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla extract, and a lot and lots of lemon juice. It is poured into a cookie crumb crust (however you could definitely make a graham cracker crust) and it sets in the fridge right until it is time to serve.

Craig & Kathleen Claiborne’s Mississippi Pecan Pie

Pecan pies are in fact an illustration of a sugar pie for the reason that the filling is made with a supreme amount of corn syrup, as well as butter, eggs, and white or brown sugar. This unique pie recipe is manufactured with brown sugar and darkish corn syrup for an added loaded, caramelized taste.

Blueberry Galette with Rosemary Crust

Two pints of refreshing blueberries glow vibrant in this galette. The sweet, jammy filling is offset by an earthy herb pie crust that gently hugs the sensitive fruit.

Rigorous Chocolate Tart

A two-ingredient butter crust (all right, four elements if you depend drinking water and salt, which we do not) serves as the base for this rich chocolate filling with a ganache-like luxurious.

What is your beloved sort of pie? Seem off in the remarks underneath!
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