Banish biting bugs with plant power

Kandace Wysock
Lighting up citronella candles with a ring of crushed mosquito repellant plant leaves is an attractive centerpiece. As the host, it will give you added assurance that your guests will be safeguarded from attack.

Consequently much, our summer season in Northeast Florida has been mainly described by regular downpours. Our landscapes are overwhelmingly flat but consist of numerous pocket holes, dips and slopes. These low-lying places catch excess stormwater, just as do exterior open up buckets and pots.

Sooner or later the h2o recedes and dries up, but normally the timeframe is extended more than enough for an full daily life cycle of mosquitos to evolve. The pests are not fussy about site possibly. Anything that holds a number of drops of h2o or more translates to an open up household invitation. In addition to getting bothersome skin biters, they can have infectious diseases like West Nile, Lyme disorder, yellow fever, malaria and Zika viruses.

In 2006, the University of Mississippi conducted a yearlong review observed that mosquitoes regard a few purely natural chemicals as repulsive: callicarpenal, intermedeol and spathulenol. Scientific analysis in excess of time observed that selected plants normally deliver chemical substances that act as repellants. We are fortuitous to have so numerous styles of vegetation in zone 9 that obtain achievement in a few techniques. Aside from their ornamental magnificence, these crops can also repel aggravating mosquitos. This inherent potential eradicates or at the very least minimizes human imposed toxicity into the environment.

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